3 Tips On Cleaning Your Kitchen Faster

We all dread the day of the month where the monthly kitchen cleanup day arrives. It tends to wear us down throughout the day just thinking about the hours going to be spent wiping and cleaning and taking out things you did not even know existed on this planet. So here are some tips to follow to get your cleaning done properly but quickly so you can go catch up on the last episode of the TV show.

1. Go for the sparkly porcelain

If you used to have a wonderfully white, beautiful and sparkly porcelain sink that does not look anything like its original beauty, then you should go for using paper towels to line the sink and then soaking these papers with bleach. After letting the bleach soak and stay in for around 30 minutes then get rid of the paper towels soaked with bleach and then quickly run water on your sink. This method is to be used only on white porcelain and not on colored ones as the color will end up washed away too. If you have colored porcelains sinks then go for a milder cleaner like vinegar, baking soda or powder, aloe or detergent.

2. Put your weight to the sink scrub session

Usually the soapy suds or water does not clean your sink and no matter how sparkly it is to your eyes, it certainly is not so to the eyes of your guests. Statistically speaking, the sink needs to be cleaned after every 30 uses and that is a short while when thinking about how many people are living in a home usually. You can either go for the home made recipe of good cleaners but dishwashing liquid in warm water works extremely well too. Again it is better to do these kinds of thing after kitchen and appliance repairs and things that will make people come in which tends to make your kitchen messy, so find a perfect company.

3. The scratch proof methods

It is not easy or money wise to get your sink replaced along with qualified appliance repairs when you see how scratched up it is and all. So instead of going for the replacement after going on the bad end of using it, implement methods like installing some perforated plastic mats to your sink bottoms to make sure the surface does not get scratched by your plates and cutlery, or go for removing acidic food quickly from your sink to make sure there is no eating up of the sink and also use warm water and dish wash soaps to clean.

Lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda are some great alternatives to clean your kitchen surfaces (any surface) and give it the best look.